The Hall amongst woodland 2017
The Hall amongst woodland 2017

About 80% of our woodland is made up of beech, oak and silver birch. The Silver birch are very important because it is unusual to have a lot of mature ones. Birch ae good trees to have because they do not make a thick canopy so light gets through and shrubs like hazel and bramble can grow under them. Birch woodland supports loads of invertebrates, birds like woodpeckers and nuthatches and plants such as bracket fungi.

Other tree species in our woods include;

  • ash
  • sycamore
  • elm
  • willow
  • horse chestnut
  • sweet chestnut
  • alder
  • hornbeam
  • lime
  • rowan
  • hawthorn
  • hazelnut
  • cherry
  • spruce
  • larch
  • yew
  • fir
  • holly

We aim to sustain and if possible to enhance the diversity of our woodland in order to create a healthy habitat for as many plant and animal species as possible.