Social Life

Social dinner
A bring and share meal together

Much of our socialising is task-based and arises from working together on practical projects and doing the routine work that keeps the house, gardens and grounds in good shape so we can all enjoy the benefits of living here. Working together and eating together once a month helps to build up effective neighbourly relationships and this, in turn, helps foster a co-operative and collaborative spirit.

We also have a recreational social life at Dol Llys Hall! The sorts of things we do is strongly influenced by the interests of the people who live here. Unlike some purpose built co-housing communities we don’t have a “Common House”; all our social events take place in the communal areas of the house and/or garden.

We currently hold a weekly Pilates class for people in the house and people we know who or who come by invitation.

Other past social events have included games nights, film nights, poetry nights, winter games in the snow and summer barbeques. There are sometimes planned but can be spontaneous get-togethers.

We sometimes host a winter and/or summer party; this might include live music from local musicians or a ceilidh. These are enjoyed by us our friends, family and neighbours.

Winter gathering with friends and neighbours
Winter gathering with friends and neighbours